Content warnings

We encourage the use of content warnings on the forum. Posts with sensitive content should have a notice at the beginning, so that people can choose if they want to read them.

The list of things which people have asked to be content warned is here.

You can anonymously ask for us to add something to the content warning list here.

Sensitive topics can be spoilered by including the tags [details=title][/details] around the text you want to hide, where 'title' is a description of the content. This should produce something like this:

titlesensitive content goes here

(mybb doesn't allow for Discord-style inline spoilers by default, but we're working on implementing something like that ourselves)

  • If you don't know whether something needs a CW, don't let whether or not it's on the list be your final judge. Ask yourself: is there someone who might not want to see this? If you're still unsure, CW it anyway, because you're better safe than sorry.
  • Remember! CW topics are not banned from discussion; CWs are there to enable discussion of difficult topics in a server where different people have different needs. Being asked to add a CW doesn’t mean you've mentioned an unacceptable topic. It just means that you should add a warning so other people can choose if they want to see it.
  • If you forget to add a warning, other users or mods may ask you to edit your message or edit it themselves to add one. Please don't delete your message, as it makes the thread confusing to read and difficult to moderate.

Actively refusing to content warn will result in a ban.